Industry-leading silent operation. Adaptable to various layouts with flexibility of installation.

Industry-leading Low Sound Pressure Level

Highly-advanced low sound pressure level, 30 dB(A) (1.0~2.0HP: at HIGH speed operation) is realized by adopting the new DC fan motor and the vibration-proof structure which protects the turbo fan from abnormal sound. The low sound pressure level is 2 dB lower than the conventinal units and further quiet operation is achieved.

Newly Developed "Wide Air Flow Wing"

"Wide Air Flow Wing" is installed turning to the both sides of the air outlet to allow the air distribution in every four corners of the panel. Consequently, the sophisticated and outstandingly comfortable air-conditioned environment without temperature irregularity is provided.The Shutter function is newly adopted to conceal the air outlet with the louvers when the operation is stopped. The louvers cover the air outlet horizontally with providing the neat appearance.

Fan motor input reduced by DC motor

The motor input is reduced by employing a ferritic magnetic surface-mounted rotor, centralized winding system and split core system. The motor efficiency is improved in all aspects, and is 50% smaller and lighter (than coventional machines).

Compact, thin, and can be installed in a small space inside a false ceiling

The height of the unit is 248mm(1.0~2.5HP)and 298mm (3.0~5HP).So it can be installed in a small space inside a false ceiling.

Panel size are unified to a square

Panel size are unified to a 950mm square to facilitate smooth floor installation of other models with a different capacity.

Equipped with a drain-up mechanism with high pump lift

A drain pump lift of up to 850mm from the ceiling surface is achieved by employing a drain-up mechanism with high pump lift.

Small ceiling opening for installation and renewal

The ceiling opening size has been changed from the conventional 910mm to a range between 860 - 910mm, so the ceiling joint cut will be smaller.

Piping flexibility improved because the body-suspending positions are square-shaped

The suspending bolt pitch size is 760mm, positioned at each corner of the square body. Thus, the direction of the body can be changed easily according to the pipe connection without changing the bolt position. The layout is simple even for continuous inst

Piping Work Improved

By setting the refrigerant pipe and drain pipe at separate corners, the working efficiency is improved.

Body height easily adjustable in the corner pockets

A pocket is provided for each of the four panel corners, so that the height of unit can be adjusted easily without removing the panel.

Simplified Panel Wiring

The panel wiring connector is shifted to the air inlet grille inside. No need to open the electrical box cover for panel wiring work.

With the built-in electronic expansion valve, Hitachi's indoor unit is designed to be freely connected either to outdoor units or other indoor units. Select the outdoor unit of your choice from the list in the catalog (Please refer to the catalog for details of the connection capacity limit, etc.).