Chillers: Water-Cooled Chillers

    The Water-cooled chiller "H Series" with improved efficiency and functionality by several advanced technology. This series with the world's best standard A-type screw compressor and newly designed shell and tube heat exchanger that have powerful cooling ability, low noise, low vibration, high efficiency and high reliability is the perfect answer to all your needs!


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    • TechnologyEnergy Saving with High Efficiency
      • High Performance A-Type Screw Compressor
    • TechnologyPrecise Capacity Control Technology
      • Continuous Capacity Control
    • TechnologyHigh Reliable
      • Simple Structure and High Technology
        by Internal Manufacture
      • TechnologyEasy Maintenancer
        • Modular System
      • TechnologyCompact and Light Weight
        • installation space and weight are reduced
      • TechnologySafety Devices Equipped as Standard
        • Protect the unit from abnormal operation
          for longer lifespan

    Energy Saving

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    • TechnologyBuilt-in Cyclone Oil Separator
      • Low oil carrying-out is realized and reduction of heat
        transfer efficiency is minimized.
    • TechnologyNo outside pump is required due to the
          reliable differential-pressure oil-feeding
      • This oil-feeding system, which does not use
        any electrical mechanism, prevents the compressor
        from being damaged and maintains long-term stable
    • TechnologyHigh Technology by Internal Manufacture
      • Because all manufacturing processes, from rotor
        manufacturing to unit assembly, are done internally,
        exceptional reliability is achieved.
      • TechnologyLow Vibration, Low Noise
        • Without the conventional demister chamber
          system, no noise is produced during oil separation
          of discharge gas. A vibration-proof base is not
          required for the chiller body thanks to the firmly-
          secured, low-vibration screw compressor.

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    Precise Capacity Control

    Continuous Capacity Control

    The temperature of the chilled water outlet can be kept at the set temperature ±1°C by continuous capacity control, so it is suitable for industrial use.

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    High Reliability

    Simple Structure and Small Number of Parts

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    Whereas the number of main parts for the casing, compression mechanism and capacity control mechanism of a reciprocating compressor is 268, that of a screw compressor is only 27, just one tenth of the number. A structure with so few parts offers high reliability and easy maintenance.

    High Technology by Internal Manufacture

    High Reliability Image

    Because all manufacturing processes, from rotor manufacturing to unit assembly, are done internally, exceptional reliability is achieved.

    Easy Maintenance

    Modular System

    Hitachi chiller units feature a modularization cycle structure, so each module can be packed and transported individually, for more convenient local installation and displacement. Furthermore, the refrigerant system of each module can be operated independently, which makes maintenance easier.

    Compact and Light Weight

    The Volume, installation space and weight are all reduced, making installation easy.

    Safety Devices Equipped as Standard

    The Hitachi chiller is equipped with several safety devices as standard. Those safety devices protect the unit from abnormal operation for higher reliability and longer lifespan of the chiller.

    List of Safety Devices

    • Three-Phase Over-current Relay
    • High-Pressure Switch
    • Low-Pressure Switch
    • Oil Heater
    • Internal Thermostat for Compressor Motor
    • Fusible Plug
    • Freeze Protection Thermostat
    • Reverse Phase Protection Relay
    • Discharge Gas Thermostat
    • Operation Hour-Meter and Safety Valve

    Water Chillers From Hitachi

    Hitachi Water Chillers removes the excess amount of heat from the liquid by using an absorption refrigeration cycle or vapor compressor. It comes with the H series that uses a heat exchanger for the liquid to be circulated to the cool air or any other equipment required. The water that gets chilled gets distributed to the coils or the heat exchangers in the air handling units.

    The Hitachi Water Cooling Tower is made after quality engineering work and it has been giving the most critical on job performance since the past many years. The water chillers are available in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. As far as the design is concerned, it is very flexible and durable and it can last for a very long time. The water chillers from Hitachi are adapted to the needs of the consumer as well as in the industry. The overall construction is very simple and is portable for people to carry it from one place to another. The Water Cooling Tower is available in various capacities of vertical, horizontal and portable units.